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Blow-out and roundbrush

Luxe Beauty Hair Studio:

Columbia, Maryland’s first

Blow-dry Boutique!!​

Glam Blowout

Blow-out Pricing:  

$60 per session*



3 for $170   

6 for $310




What is a Blow-out/Blow-dry and why do you need one?


A Blow-out is a much more thorough blow-dry for your hair. It is styled with extreme attention to each section of your hair to ensure the smoothest and shiniest finish possible. We start with a shampoo and luxurious scalp massage, followed by an expert blowout style with round brushes, and maybe a few curlers or irons thrown in for good measure.

Blow-out’s are fast, incredibly fun, utterly addictive and reasonably priced at $60.

Make them wonder how you always look So. Darn. FABULOUS!


How long does it last?


Your gorgeous style will likely last for several days. Our technique with hair dryers, brushes, irons, and products seal the hair cuticle, leaving hair shiny, bouncy, swingy, and simply gorgeous until you wash your hair again. Perfect for a special event, a big date (or after a bad date), an afternoon out with girlfriends, or as a confidence boost in preparation for a big week at work. The blow-out makes your hair look and feel terrific, which makes you feel pretty terrific too.


How can I make my blow-out last longer?


Your blow-out will likely last you several days before you need to wash your hair or come back for another blow-out at Luxe Beauty Hair Studio. Some tips to prolong your blowout are to keep your hair dry and out of the rain, sleep with a satin pillow case to minimize morning bed-head, wear a shower cap in the shower, and go easy on the sweating. You can freshen and extend the life of your blowout by using a dry shampoo. Sprinkle or spray some on your scalp to absorb oils, and then brush it out. (We sell the perfect dry shampoo for your hair type- just ask!)  

The length of time between shampoos also depends on your hair type. Blow-outs for coarse, thick, or curly hair tend to last longer than those with very fine or oily hair. 


Does it cost more if my hair is longer, thicker, or curlier?


If your hair is exceptionally long, thick, or textured, we can handle it and make you look and feel beautiful- for a minimal additional charge of $10. This allows us the extra time for your blowout- assuring that you will be as fabulous as you deserve to be.

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